Saturday, June 26, 2010

MCA Party Assets

When Chua Tee Yong was made Deputy Minister, the first thing that came to my mind was MCA might be walking down the road which DAP took.

Not only we have the father and the son actively in politics but we are also slowly transforming to be like DAP.

Indeed the Chinese wants MCA to speak out, but there are many ways to do so. And the wrong way is to only critically evaluate fellow component parties and the Government's policies.

MCA must understand that UMNO, MIC and other component parties are not enemies.

So, any press statements should be studied cautiously on the implications that they will bring to the coalition - Barisan Nasional.

Or else, why be in Barisan Nasional ? I refer you to The Star's newspaper articles lately and you will know what I mean.

Again, when Tee Yong was made a Deputy Minister, Soi Lek was happy that MCA was given the portfolio of a senior Ministry and that the appointment was justified as Tee Yong was a qualified man.

But browsing through The Star, Tee Yong is extremely quiet while other MCA office holders do the talking. Why is that so ? I can only wonder.

I don't see where the Party is going in terms of its asset management. The Party's assets have all along been managed by MCA leaders with advisors from well established individuals in commerce.

Now, all the assets will not be directly under MCA but they will be transferred out to a professional management team.

I don't know. Surely this will mean that MCA must pay them professional fees, administrative fees and all sorts of perks.

I believe it will be better if MCA asset management team comprises of qualified MCA members. This is because whenever we do things for the Party, it is all because of our love for the Party.

Though they (MCA members) should be paid, but at least everything they do, we know it is for the Party. The compassion and passion might not exist in the hearts and minds of the professional management team.

But why was this not done ? Maybe the 1 million members in MCA do not have the qualifications at all.

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