Thursday, April 30, 2009

PAS' Irrational Call For Najib-Altantuya Royal Commission

I read with great disappointment the antics of PAS (HarakahDaily) again.

Time after time, PAS leaders have lost the shine by submitting to the wants and needs of Anwar Ibrahim.

Now, internal party conflicts are hung out as dirty laundry for people to see with the writings of Nik Abduh bin Nik Aziz as an example.

Contradictions occur place within the party as well.

Take for instance, the remarks of Nizar in DUN Perak where he questioned DS Tajol Rosli (former MB) in which part of the PAS Memorandum or Constitution does it say that the Party is all for Hudud law.

Although he kept denying that former Excos Ngeh and Nga in Perak were controlling the Perak Government, a damning expose by Faisal Rohban (RBF) with documents that contain words like "TAK PAYAHLAH .IF U DONT WANT TO CONTROL ,I REPLACE U" surely raise eyebrows.

This expose has not been officially addressed by any party or pro Pakatan blogs, although informal comments were fetched (Malaysiakini) from the famous Perak Cousins.

The remarks from Nizar on Islamic based laws is seen as a direct clash with the Administrative style of Kelantan, the Muktamar's and the PAS Ulama faction.

The modern PAS today, heavily aligned to Anwar Ibrahim (2nd World's Most Influential Man) and DAP, are now in place to "check and chase" the power doors of PAS.

Already deeply divided as Erdogan and Ulama factions for the PAS Election, I see it as a reflex move to shift the public focus away from the Party to DS Najib Tun Razak.

PAS is now calling for a Royal Commission (Malaysiakini) to investigate the Najib-Altantuya link.

Actually if someone makes a police report and accuse another person of stealing or killing, the person who made that report must provide substantial reasons or evidence also.

In Altantuya’s case, Anwar Ibrahim, Tian Chua & Pakatan Rakyat leaders claimed they have evidence of Najib being linked to Altantuya.

Now, the two UTK officers have been sentenced to hang.

I wonder why there are no pro Pakatan blogs, pro Pakatan leaders or the alternative media who will support a Save Azilah & Sirul Campaign by several top blogs.

1. Save Azilah and Sirul Blog Campaign (Rockybru)
2. Anwar & RPK should help save Sirul and Azilah (A Voice)
3. The Proof That Can Save Azilah & Sirul (APOMM)

This campaign is to call Anwar Ibrahim & RPK to reveal the evidences which they claim they have that will implicate Najib in the case.

If they do have the evidence, then Altantuya’s murder case judgement will be revised.

Not only will they save two lives but they will be able to bring justice for Altantuya by dragging those involved to court.

If they maintain their stand yet decline to reveal, it will show either Anwar & RPK are inhumane, opportunists, conspirators or liars (or all of these) and DS Najib has been defamed all the while.

So why must there be a Royal Commission to investigate Najib but not a Royal Commission to hear those who defamed him like Anwar and RPK?

This is utterly preposterous.

If the Royal Commission clears Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak from the murder case, the Opposition will tell the people, supporters, and the foreign press that it is just a Kangaroo Commission.

The people of Pakatan Rakyat will only see "justice" or joy when cruxifications of Barisan Nasional leaders or supporters take place in the eyes of the world.

The man in the house has been cleared not only by the Attorney General Chambers and the Courts but also by the Interpol based on joint investigations under various teams of forensics and special officers.

The most respectable part was when Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak placed his hand on the Quran and recited Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi (The Star) in the Mosque on his links to Altantuya.

This move is seen as an Oath of innocent between him and Allah.

Similarly, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan sworn on the Quran as well but Anwar Ibrahim used technicality in Islam as an excuse to avoid doing so himself.

Why drag DS Najib into a soon-to-be labelled "Kangaroo Commission" when the intruder who has been swinging faeces, mud and dirt roam around freely claiming that our Prime Minister is a murderer?

The people continue to be blinded by irrationality and enjoy the conspiracists.

(Credits to Daylife, A Voice and TheStar for the photos)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anwar Ibrahim - 2nd in rigged TIME poll

Pranksters Rig Time Magazine's 'Most Influential' Poll

The results are in, and 4chan really does dominate the Internet — or at least the online news media.

Members of the rude, lewd and crude online discussion board, memorably profiled on earlier this month, successfully rigged Time Magazine's "Time 100" poll so that its largely absent founder, Moot, was named the world's most influential person.

Not that Anwar's fans were the ones who voted for him. The 4chan pranksters rigged the entire top fifth of the poll so that the first initials of the first 21 names, when read vertically, spell out the cryptic message "Marblecake Also the Game."

Time poll crowns 4chan founder moot 'most influential person'

A blog called Music Machinery, clearly reporting outside of its usual niche, has a rather detailed analysis of how 4chan manipulated the poll. This would certainly explain why Anwar Ibrahim, a Malaysian politician, nabbed second place.

The allegedly successful attempt at swaying the poll's results is surely a relief to 4chan users. After their failed try at stealing the Twitter race to a million followers less than two weeks ago, the win for moot proves that 4chan hasn't lost its touch.

Next year, Time should change the name of its poll to the Internet's Most Influential Person.


On 15 April 2009, Anwar Ibrahim's office was quick to claim credit for the Opposition leader when the list of 100 Most Influential Man was announced.

1. Anwar Dicalon Antara 100 Tokoh Paling Berpengaruh Dunia 2009
2. Anwar Ibrahim - The 2009 TIME 100 Finalists

Now, the results are out and he is 2nd but the poll was rigged. I wonder what TIME will say or if Anwar Ibrahim's office will still claim credit to this.

(Credits to FoxNews and Time for the photo)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bring Hilmi Malek Back On International Arrest

It has been a long time since the Elizabeth Wong nude pictures scandal surfaced. When that occured, we saw one of Malaysia's longest standing political dilemma in Selangor.

Having said that she was firm with her resignation as EXCO and ADUN Bukit Lanjan, the State Government and Selangor Pakatan Rakyat maintained their support for her to continue on.

She was subsequently ordered by Anwar Ibrahim and the Selangor leadership to take a break from her work on 17th February 2009.

It was reported that Elizabeth Wong departed to Indonesia to stay away from the media spotlight.

Coincidentally, Hilmi Malek, who is the person said to be involved in the nude pictures scandal, was reported to be in Indonesia as well.

Hilmi Malek, a former aide of YB Hee Loy Sian (PKR), is still in Indonesia at this moment. The case seems to be closed with the return of Elizabeth Wong to work on 16th April 2009.

The break which she took was approximately 58 days, one of the longest holiday a serving Executive member has ever taken.

The public must remember that Hilmi Malek has broken the law and the Police must be pressured to bring Hilmi back to Malaysia.

If investigations show that Hilmi is guilty, he can be charged not only in the civil Court but also the Syariah Court for un-Islamic relationship and pictures.

I am not sure if Malaysia has extradiction powers in Indonesia or not. If they do, Hilmi Malek can be arrested by the Indonesian police and handed over to Malaysia for further investigations and charges.

When the case first broke out, MPs like R Sivarasa, Nuridah Mohd Salleh and Anwar Ibrahim slammed and accused Barisan Nasional for playing gutter politics and tarnishing the images of Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

After investigations revealed that the "camera man" was from within PKR and a former aide of a PKR MP, the media was warned not to report about Elizabeth Wong's case anymore by Tian Chua.

Till today, no formal apology has been provided after Pakatan Rakyat leaders orchestrated a wave of attacks on Barisan Nasional with conspiracy theories over the nude pix scandal.

Instead of putting orders to arrest Hilmi Malek at all checkpoints, why aren't we considering an extradiction against Hilmi Malek just like how we thought about using this for Namewee?

Bring Hilmi Malek back on international arrest warrant !

UPDATED 11.09pm
There is a website PahangDaily that wrote about Hilmi Malek. A lot of stories written HERE but I don't know how many percent of it is true.

According to this website, Hilmi Malek is in his house now in Ampang and he wasn't even arrested at the airport. Perhaps the Police should either investigate the claim or check out the Pahang Daily blogger.

This is the same blog which is in a defamation lawsuit though. So, be warned about the facts there.

(Credits to BBC, , AFP, NST, The Star and Malaysiakini for the photos)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Najib-Muhyiddin's 30 Days

When Wong Chun Wai first wrote in his column (The Star) - Najib adopts people-first leadership style - many were skeptical that DS Najib will be a good leader and have the people at heart.

Over the years as DPM, Najib faced a wave of successful smear campaign by bloggers, certain quarters of the media and of course the Opposition.

Being the son of a former Prime Minister, he was portrayed as a man of arrogance, elitist and scandal laced.
In just his 30 days of 1Malaysia philosophy, he went straight to work and 1Malaysia placed himself among the people.

After addressing the problems in the heart of KL and the Bumi quota in many core sectors, DS Najib and TS Muhyiddin will come up with another people first policy soon - the PPSMI review.

I expect nothing less than continuing the essence of PPSMI while making amendments and improvements to the implementation of the policy.

It seems to me People First philosophy is adopted by TS Muhyiddin also with his educational visits to schools and departments to hear for himself the problems.

This is truly respectable as we usually think our report stays at the desk of the small Departmental heads or Officer-In-Charge only.

Having said these, I sincerely applaud the moves and work of our new Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Let me share my views on the policies so far.

The move to nationalize PLUS is an expensive but socially beneficial move. However, the people must not misunderstand. It does not mean we do not have to pay toll anymore.

The toll must continue as a source of revenue to the Government, although at a cheaper and socially adjusted rates.

All these while, many quarters especially among the Chinese and foreign investors, the 30% Bumiputera quota has been a major issue.

With the liberalization of 27 core sectors in Malaysia, the move is seen as a big step towards a competitive Malaysian business community.

Although this policy will boost the support for Malaysia and especially the Government, I urge DS Najib to constantly review the economic situation.

There should not be any particular race left out or marginalized by the liberalization of the sectors.

We do not want to see a repeat of the colonial days when economic power was in the hands of the Chinese only while other races remain in poverty.

That was why NEP had to be in place to ensure Malaysia's economy was not generated by only 25% of her population but by a united Malaysian multiracial community.

The economic pie should be shared and enjoyed by every single Malaysian.

It intrigues me to wonder what Wong Chun wai meant with his latest article : Good news - and more to come.

I personally hope more Ministers will "turun padang" to hear the people's problems. There are many problems that Malaysians face such as

1. Public transportation (mainly busses)
2. Medical and hospital systems (mainly quality and service)

3. University education (mainly quality and entrance)

4. Education policy in schools (mainly PPSMI, fundings/Govt aid)

5. Public sector pay scheme (mainly to battle corruption)

A People-First leadership. A united Malaysia. A PIECE OF MY MIND supports the essence of 1Malaysia !

p/s Anwar & RPK has yet to produce the evidence that could save two lives or prove that they weren't lying all the while

New PM hits the ground with personal touch
Sunday April 5, 2009

Clad in casual khaki attire, Najib spent over two hours visiting Petaling Street, also known as KL’s Chinatown, the predominantly Malay area of Vista Angkasa near Kampung Kerinchi, and then Brickfields with its Indian-majority community.

“My visit is to meet ordinary people to know about their problems,” he added.

EPU to tackle highway toll issue
Saturday April 18, 2009

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said paying toll was something which the people disliked and the EPU had been directed to come up with a comprehensive solution to the issue. Najib said the Government would also look into electricity and gas tariffs from time-to-time.

Condition of rundown buildings upsets Deputy PM
Friday April 24, 2009

Being located in the heart of the capital city did not give extra advantage to some schools. This is true in the case of two schools which Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin visited yesterday. He was upset to see how rundown SJK (T) Ladang Bukit Jalil was and the less than satisfactory state of SMK Setapak Indah. The moment he arrived at the schools, Muhyiddin rolled up his sleeves and got down to work.

Govt lifts 30% bumi rule for 27 services sub-sectors
Wednesday April 22, 2009

The government has removed the 30% bumiputra equity condition in 27 services sub-sectors, with immediate effect. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the sub-sectors, which involved health and social services, tourism services, transport services, business services and computer and related services, would have no equity conditions imposed.

Najib: Bumi traders can compete
Friday April 24, 2009

“The bumiputras have the ability to compete with the rest. I am not worried that they will become ‘extinct’ or lose out in competition because of this decision,” he told the Malaysian media at the end of his one-day official visit here yesterday.

“Other Asean countries have opened their services sector and we are way behind in this. You mean to say our people can’t compete? What’s wrong with our people?,” he asked.

Najib wants immediate attention to ease city congestion
Saturday April 25, 2009

However, he was not happy with the traffic congestion and the inefficiency of the public facilities during his one-hour inspection. Later, Najib inspected the long-abandoned Plaza Rakyat building project located next to Puduraya before departing at 4.25pm. "He wants the project to resume as soon as possible," Raja Nong Chik said.

(Credits to MStar and TheStar for the photos)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Nazri must answer to the Party Whip


Parliament Chenderoh (1995-1999)
Parliament Chenderoh (1999-2004)
Parliament Padang Rengas (2004-2008)
Parliament Padang Rengas (2008-now)
Senator Dewan Negara (1991-1995)
MARA Chairman (17 March 1993 - 23 July 1995)
Deputy Minister PM's Dept (1995-1999)
Deputy Finance Minister II (1999)
Entrepreneur Development Minister (December 1999-2004)
Minister in PM's Dept (2004-now)


Be a jantan, leave UMNO, Mahathir told
“If he wants to leave party, we won’t stop him. If he remains in the party, he is acting like the opposition. It’s better for him to be a jantan (real man) and leave the party, become the opposition. Then it’s also easier for me to attack him. Now if I want to fight with him, I will hesitate because he is the ex-PM,”

It’s not worth commenting since he is an old man. Let him talk. What he feels is no longer relevant. As at 12.35pm now, I am (still) a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department. If you all want to layan him (pay attention to him) layan lah (carry on).

Nazri : Dr M is childish and lame
But it doesn’t matter to me. He is not the prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak is and he appointed me and that says enough. You can write in your report that I think he is definitely childish and lame.


When you see this man, what comes into your mind?

The first time he tested his guns on Dr Mahathir, he called Tun to be a jantan and leave the UMNO party of which YABHg is a member with registration number 0001.

He was among the vocal group who slammed the visionary Dr Mahathir who led Malaysia for 22 years with excellence and distinction.

Today, he labels Tun Dr M as childish, lame and irrelevant.

A man who has just been a Minister for 10 years had the guts and cheek to label Tun Dr M (a Statesman with almost 60 years of dedication to UMNO and Malaysia) as childish, lame and irrelevant.

DS Nazri Aziz should reconsider his remarks and show some respect to Party Elders.

The statements made by DSNA have every essence of arrogance in his own achievements and clearly disrespectful to the former Prime Minister.

Tun Dr Mahathir recently endorsed the leadership of DS Najib Tun Razak and TS Muhyiddin Yassin and was accepted back into UMNO with open arms.

The move was seen as a uniting factor between the factions in UMNO.

I urge the Party Whip, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, to call up DS Nazri Aziz to explain his actions and ensure that similar statements do not arise again.

Mahathirism - Education & Foreign Relations


  • If we take a look at the education policies in Malaysia, the students enjoy a wide variety as options.
  • Tun Dr M was instrumental in liberalization of education policies that allow top foreign universities to set up campuses in Malaysia.
  • These campuses include Monash University Malaysia, Nottingham University Malaysia and many more.
  • It was also under Tun M that students today especially Lim Kok Wing University College attain global recognition for their work.
  • For those in my generation might not know this, but elders will know the Buy British Last policy.
  • In UK, when the universities there charged higher tuition fees on Malaysian students.
  • Conflicts arised not only from these but also aircraft rights.
  • Mahathir stood up for us all and proclaimed a boycott of British products under the "Buy British Last" call.

Foreign Relations
  • When drugs are unwelcomed by everyone, and Malaysia imposed a capital punishment on two Australians for drug trafficking, Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating blasted the Malaysian sovereign rights and laws and labelled the sentence as "barbaric".
  • It was Dr Mahathir who stood in front of everyone and defended our laws. That forced a formal apology from the former Prime Minister at the Parliament.
Israel & The World
  • In 2008, the world saw with their own eyes when Israel pounded Gaza although the world plead to them for ceasefire.
  • Interesting enough, the "superpowers" did not provide any warning to Israel that they will not hesitate to intervene with military operations if Israel fail to stop the attacks.
  • It was also reported that The Israeli military are accused of :

  1. Using powerful shells in civilian areas which the army knew would cause large numbers of innocent casualties;
  2. Using banned weapons such as phosphorus bombs;
  3. Holding Palestinian families as human shields;
  4. Attacking medical facilities, including the killing of 12 ambulance men in marked vehicles;
  5. Killing large numbers of police who had no military role.
  • If we review the speeches of Tun Dr Mahathir, we will of course recall that in 2003, Tun Dr M warned the world about Israelis.
  • Tun labelled Israel as the enemy allied with most powerful nations at the Organization of Islamic Conference.
  • His statement was heavily slammed by not only Israel but also the Western nations that we today call "superpowers".
  • President Bush considered the statement to be "reprehensible and hateful" while Italy expressed their regrets that Tun's statement was offensive and counter to principles of tolerance, dialogue and understanding.

* This will be the last part of the other side of Mahathirism which has been painted wrongly as a Draconian and fearful philosophy of administration.

Before this :

1. Mahathirism In My Eyes & The "Pariah" Writer
2. Mahathirism's Pet Projects

(Credits to The Star, AFP & Agendadaily for the photos)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mahathirism's Pet Projects

This will be the Part II of Mahathirism in The Eyes of a 23 year old. I will emphasize on what Mahathirism is in terms of education, development and foreign relations.

Mahathirism : Malaysia Progressed As A United Nation

Pet Projects (Chronologically)

Proton (1981)
PLUS (1988 - 1994)
KLIA (1990)
Petronas Twin Towers (1992)
Putrajaya (1995-2001)
KL Tower (1995)
MEASAT (M1 - 1996 , M3 - 2006)
Astro (1996 - now)
Multimedia Super Corridor (1996)
Sepang International Circuit (1998)
XVI Commonwealth Games 98 Kuala Lumpur (1998)
STAR LRT Malaysia (1998)
Putra LRT Malaysia (1999)
Malaysian F1 Grand Prix (1999-now)
Port Tanjung Pelepas (1999)
KL Monorail Malaysia (2003)

These are the heavily criticised Pet Projects of Tun Dr Mahathir by a segment of the people, especially the Opposition parties.

If we rationally evaluate these, Proton was initially ridiculed and Dr Mahathir was belittled when he said Malaysians will produce their own cars.

In the late 1980s, when the first Proton Saga was rolled out, Malaysians and the world was silenced and we became proud of our national carmaker till today.

Proton has gone so far ahead and we now own the famous British sports carmaker Lotus.

Under Tun Dr Mahathir's leadership and guidance, Malaysian companies gained another star rating when they built

1. KLIA - one of the world's best airport
2. Petronas Twin Towers - former World Tallest Building, currently, World Tallest Twin Towers

In 1996 till today, the MEASAT satelites enable us to watch global satelite channels like BBC, CNN, ESPN, and the famous TVB channels among the Chinese community.

Malaysians then played host to a string of international sports such as SUKOM 98, Malaysian F1 Grand Prix, SEA Games and various world championship events.

Although imperfections exist in planning of transportation links in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, nevertheless, the introduction of KTM, STAR & PUTRA LRT as well as KL Monorail provided an improvement in standard of living.

Malaysians today enjoy the connectivity among major spots in Kuala Lumpur (although limited).

It was also under the Mahathirism guidance that brought Malaysian technology to a higher level.

If we recall, companies like Intel, AMD & Microsoft came to Malaysia under the Industrialization policies, Education policies and of course the Multimedia Super Corridor plan.

These mega multinational firms brought in not only their expertise but also invested heavily on education of the locals in skills and knowledge of their technological field.

Malaysians began to move forward with the introduction of MSC Malaysia in the arena.

Among the improvement which Mahathirism brought through MSC Malaysia was
  1. Project Monitoring System (SPP II)
  2. Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)
  3. Generic Office Environment (GOE)
  4. Electronic Procurement (EP)
  5. Electronic Services (E-Services)
  6. Electronic Labour Exchange (ELX)
  7. E-Syariah

These might seem far from our understanding (for some of us) because the systems affect only the Government agencies and various private companies.

However, we need not look so far.

If we take a look at our Identity Cards which can store information like Driving license, Health information, Passport Info & Identity, we can see that is one of the benefits of Mahathirism.

Private sectors such as Body Shop made full use of the My Kad chip and introduced the My Kad - Body Shop membership system.

Yes, that is Mahathirism.

Surprisingly, the heavily criticised and ridiculed MSC also dished out a heavy usage application among all Malaysians.

The development of Bankcard began in 2000 under MSC Malaysia with the Malaysian Electronic Payment System (MEPS) Sdn Bhd.

The chip based bankcard, which was co-designed with domestic financial institutions, is now in the wallets of everyone and used by us all.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are Mahathirism's Pet Projects which have been ridiculed irrationally but appreciated deep down in our hearts.

* The final blog entry of Mahathirism will come soon

(Credits to Businessweek, Destination 360, MEPS, TheStar, TheNutGraph and Zcars for the photos)

Mahathirism In My Eyes & The "Pariah" Writer

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
PM : 16 July 1981 – 31 October 2003

There has been a lot of talk lately about Mahathirism. Many have painted the picture of Mahathirism to be something like a Draconian philosophy and a climate of fear.

Being a 23 year old, I am in no position to justify what is right or wrong in Dr Mahathir's years against the thoughts of those who are elder than me.

However, I can assure you I make my evaluations based on academic readings of the Mahathir Administration.

I do not have the academic books of Dr Mahathir's years in my hands at this moment (they are all at home), but I will make full use of the Internet resources and my memory.

What I am about to present to you is the Mahathirism which people closed an eye and ignored.

Annual GDP Growth under Mahathirism (IMF Statistics)

1982 5.941
1983 6.25
1984 7.762
1985 -0.876
1986 1.153
1987 5.389
1988 9.938
1989 9.06
1990 9.007
1991 9.547
1992 8.886
1993 9.896
1994 9.211
1995 9.83
1996 10.002
1997 7.323
1998 -7.359
1999 6.138
2000 8.68
2001 0.518
2002 5.391
2003 5.789

GPD Per Capita (PPP) under Mahathirism (IMF Statistics)

1982 2944.51
1983 3173.283
1984 3461.524
1985 3425.112
1986 3446.453
1987 3636.569
1988 4034.314
1989 4458.321
1990 4837.743
1991 5417.601
1992 5894.909
1993 6356.321
1994 6896.226
1995 7513.25
1996 8230.58
1997 8774.483
1998 8028.411
1999 8441.835
2000 9062.079
2001 9126.328
2002 9581.3
2003 10158.55

DR MAHATHIR's Contributions

There is always a wrong perception that everything is done by Dr Mahathir.

I have to stress here that everything done at national level might be the brainchild of the Prime Ministers but these projects have been evaluated by various panels, agencies and Ministries before being implemented.

In reviewing Dr Mahathir's years, people have forgotten what Mahathirism brought to us.

1. Foreign Movement Participation
  • Organization of Islamic Nations
  • G77
  • G22
  • Non Aligned Movement
  • APEC

2. Malaysia The Way Forward

In 1991, in the midst of tabling the RMK 6, Tun Dr Mahathir presented the working paper of Vision 2020 officially in Parliament.

"Malaysia can be a united nation, with a confident Malaysian society, infused by strong moral and ethical values, living in a society that is democratic, liberal and tolerant, caring, economically just and equitable, progressive and prosperous, and in full possession of an economy that is competitive, dynamic, robust and resilient."

Read more HERE.

3. "Pet Projects"

  • Proton (1981)
  • PLUS (1988 - 1994)
  • KLIA (1990)
  • Petronas Twin Towers (1992)
  • Putrajaya (1995-2001)
  • KL Tower (1995)
  • MEASAT (M1 - 1996 , M3 - 2006)
  • Astro (1996 - now)
  • Multimedia Super Corridor (1996)
  • Sepang International Circuit (1998)
  • XVI Commonwealth Games 98 Kuala Lumpur (1998)
  • STAR LRT Malaysia (1998)
  • Putra LRT Malaysia (1999)
  • Malaysian F1 Grand Prix (1999-now)
  • Port Tanjung Pelepas (1999)
  • KL Monorail Malaysia (2003)

4. Education (significant)

  • KBSM
  • Foreign universities campuses in Malaysia

5. Policies (significant)
  • Buy British Last
  • Look East Policy
  • Rancangan Malaysia Kelima - Kelapan
  • National Development Policy 1991

6. Economy & Finance (significant)
  • Pegging of USD-RM exchange rate
  • Merger of commercial banks into 10 anchor banks
  • Privatisation of inefficient state-owned companies
  • Strict Capital control in 1997
  • Employees Provident Fund 1991
  • The Dawn Raid - Guthrie Berhad at the London Stock Exchange

* EPF lifted Malaysians' savings level of those in the labor force. It also helped the Malaysian Government to reduce their dependency on foreign/external debt.

* The Dawn Raid was engineered by Tun Dr M and returned 200,000 acres of agricultural land to Malaysians. This "raid" caused panic in the London Stock Exchange and forced the "liberal" British Govt to implement stricter stock exchange rules.


So what is really Mahathirism? Mahathirism in the eyes of a 23 year old brought a lot of changes to a "kampung" styled Malaysia.

The rapid development policies in industrial, telecommunications, manufacturing, engineering, and ICT have all the while been a boon rather than bane to us.

Malaysians today are all over the world. Be it individual experts or multinational Malaysian companies plying their trade across the globe, we carry our flag high and mighty.

Do not forget the contributions of our Malaysian leaders, no matter how much you value your own personal efforts or hardship.

Without the environment and specific policies, Malaysia today could have become a impoverished nation with civil wars and be seen as just another speck of dust in the eyes of the world.

It is highly unique to see why African nations deep in trouble politically and economically are not written and criticially evaluated by the Foreign press.

But we see many of our news in the foreign media - be it good or bad.

It irks me to read Hamish McDonald's article which heavily criticised Malaysia as a pariah nation and giving the clearest hint that he hates Najib & Mahathirism.

I wonder why Malaysia and Mahathir and not Indonesia or Thailand. What more to say about the Lee Dynasty in Singapore who limits the freedom of speech and political rights?

Malaysians today are global and on the map simply because of the man who led Malaysia for 22 years, Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

This is clear when students, academicians, leaders and business leaders globally in UK, Australia, Japan and other countries frequently welcome Dr M with open arms and trade thoughts or discussions with him.

I leave it for you to decide what Mahathirism is. You can be assured that this will not be the last Pro Mahathirism blog entry from A Piece of My Mind.

(Credits to Sabrina Shukri, UPI, BDDC, Daylife, Malaysiakini and Wikimedia for the photos)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let us send the Altantuya liars to Court

The Save Azilah & Sirul campaign first surfaced in Anotherbrickinthewall and Rockybru.

APOMM was glad to lend the support to this campaign (The Proof That Can Save Azilah & Sirul) which can either

1. save two lives
2. show the inhumanity of Anwar & RPK (since they claimed they have evidence)
3. show that Anwar & RPK lied and they have nothing (i.e. DS Najib is innocent)

Since the campaign began, NOTHING WAS MENTIONED in Pro Pakatan blogs or even the alternative media.

Yet, we hear the a lot of candlelight vigils and demonstrations in the name of justice and democracy.

Of course we even heard an MP shouting at Najib - "MURDERER!"

What more to say the thousands of news articles and blog entries that sang the conspiracies and linked Najib & Rosmah to the murder case in any possible manner?

DS Anwar Ibrahim is now in Jeddah, many thousand miles away from Malaysia and he is at liberty to reveal the evidences without the "climate of fear" which he claimed exists.

APOMM awaits the evidences.

Otherwise, I say let us send the liars to Court !
(Show us your bluff, DS Anwar ! )

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Proof That Can Save Azilah & Sirul

Rosmah at murder scene (Malaysia-Today)
Saturday, 21 June 2008 00:16

My informer states that Acting Colonel Aziz Buyong was the person who placed the C4 on various parts of Altantuya’s body while being witnessed by Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and Norhayati.

"My informer states that Aziz was the person who placed the C4 on various parts of Altantuya’s body witnessed by Rosmah and Norhayati," Raja Petra claimed in the document.

"I make this statutory declaration because I have been reliably informed about the involvement of these three people who have thus far not been implicated in the murder nor called as witnesses by the prosecution in the ongoing trial at the Shah Alam High Court.

Apart from Abdullah and Khairy, Raja Petra claimed "one of the (Malay) Rulers" has also been briefed about the matter and is fully aware of the allegation.

Anwar Takes Najib To Task On Altantuya Photos

Explosive claims linking Najib to Altantuya
Soon Li Tsin | Jul 3, 08 1:00pm

Pressed whether he had more concrete evidence suggesting actual links between Najib and Altantuya, Anwar said "yes".

“We will adduce further evidence soon. This is not the end. I just want to test not only the nerve but the commitment by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that everything should be (professionally investigated).

“I want to reiterate. There is nothing personal here. I have evidence, I will submit it, be it evidence against Najib or Abdullah,” he added.

PKR has ‘evidence’ that Najib met Altantuya
Andrew Ong and Wong Teck Chi | Jul 19, 07 6:39pm

PKR information chief Tian Chua said today that he has ‘evidence’ to prove that Deputy Premier Najib Abdul Razak had met Altantuya Shaariibuu.

He told reporters at PKR headquarters today that he had “enough” information and evidence to show that the duo knew each other and had met before.

Pressed for details, Chua said he was not duty bound to reveal the information.


Mainstream bloggers Rockybru & Anotherbrickinthewall have launched a campaign to ask Anwar Ibrahim & RPK to reveal the evidences that could give the judgement a revision.

APOMM is glad to join in the call that could save two lives or send more of the Altantuya murderers to hell.

In the mind blogging conspiracy theories of Anwar & RPK, the remainding three people involved are Rosmah Mansor, Abdul Razak Baginda and finally Najib Tun Razak.

HarakahDaily, Suara Keadilan, Malaysiakini.

The blogosphere calls for your support to kindly ask Anwar & RPK to reveal the proof(s) that could save 2 lives.

Many including bloggers and the alternative media have claimed that Sirul & Azilah are the sacrificial lambs.

We await your support, Harakah Daily, Suara Keadilan & Malaysiakini.

APOMM will anxiously wait to see the evidences from Anwar Ibrahim & RPK that will back their conspiracy theories of Najib & Rosmah's involvement in the Altantuya scandal.

Mr Setev Shaaribuu, are you still with us or in Mongolia now?

Your daughter's justice now lies in the hands of the Top 100 Most Influential Man in the World and the top blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

2 men and Altantuya will see no justice and die with blood in Anwar Ibrahim & RPK's hands who both claimed to have evidences that linked Rosmah & Najib to the case.

Supporters and the masses have cried the words "Altantuya" day after day. Now, it is time to cry "Anwar Ibrahim" and "RPK".

I wonder if there will be organizers who will coordinate a peaceful night of lighting candles in front of Anwar & RPK's homes in the name of justice.

The last time I checked, there were many who loved to light candles in the name of democracy and justice.

We have a serious one in hand now.

Otherwise, Pakatan Rakyat leaders and supporters who defamed DS Najib Tun Razak should face lawsuits for defamation and sedition.

(Credits to Malaysiakini, Anotherbrickinthewall and Time for the photos)