Tuesday, July 24, 2007

RPK ...

Wow . RPK is attacking and revealing Tan Sri’s stuff to the public .

Hmm ... I wonder how the police can take action against RPK since his servers are not in Malaysia .

You have my support Sir !

For those who do not know , ex MB of Selangor , current UMNO Information Chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib lodged a report against Malaysia Today web portal and RPK on charges of inciting racial hatred and insulting DYMM YDP Agong .

Read it here : http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/newsncom.php?itemid=6718

But also … read RPK’s response on who our Tan Sri is .

Read this here : http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/holds.php?itemid=6714

To me , I trust RPK’s articles a lot . He is not really a blogger . But I would say an activist . He provides substantial arguments and clear cut documents questioning integrity , corruption and ethics of businessmen and politicians as well as leaders .

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Safely back in Canberra but sadly still thinking of Malaysia

Took a flight from KL to Sydney on 14th July night 10pm . Reached there around 7 plus . When me , CheeYeong and Jimmy went to the counter , the MAS assistant told us that we might face some problems because the Aussie flights are overbooked . And at that point , I heard a lady (I think she's an Aussie) saying "What do you mean I don't have a seat !!?" .

Well in the end , the MAS assistant told us our seats were already confirmed by our agents from whom we purchased our tickets from . Thankfully .

But our problems did not stop there . In the airplane , I think I sat there for an hour before it really took off ground . There were many cases of seats overlapping , and there's this guy who refuses to get off the plane because the immigration officers would like to see his passport again . In the end , things went all right and we took off around 11pm I think .

After arriving at Sydney Airport , well things went smoothly at the Customs checkpoint . It took us less than 30minutes to get out of the international arrival hall all together .

So we went straight to the QANTAS counter (There are counters for check-in at the international flights terminal ... and they will provide a QANTAS bus to take you to the domestic side ... the bus travels inside the airplanes area ). And there were two officers standing there asking whether we are Malaysia Airlines passengers (there were stickers on our bags by MAS) . And I said yes . They told us to board the free bus shuttle outside the international airport to go to the domestic terminal . I said why can't I check in here at the International Airport and use the QANTAS bus to take me to the domestic airport (I did that last year) because QANTAS busses are allowed to drive inside the airport bay (similar to our Aero Train in KLIA ... just that they use busses by QANTAS) . They told me MAS is not our partner airline ... so you can't check in here .

That's bullshit !! I could have just been a normal passenger and go straight into the QANTAS check in counter at the international airport ... I recheck-in just like any other passenger . What has it got to do with MAS ? This is really bullshit . I had my luggage etc with me ... such shameful discriminatory practices by QANTAS . I don't see the point in directing me to take a bus and ride the bus outside the international airport to go to the domestic airport to check in . Wastage of resources and discriminatory !!

Anyway , when we try to check in at the self check in machines ... we couldn't ! I was abit surprised . And when we went to the counters ... the lady told us " You guys know why you can't check in ? It is because these 3 tickets are for yesterday , 14th July !" .

I was stunned . How could Jimmy book the wrong date !?!! At that point , I told myself ... there goes my $150 into the drain and I need to rebook another flight that might cost more !! We were referred to the sales desk . Sales desk staff told us they can change it for us if our tickets are still valid and not suspended by the system . Thankfully our tickets were still safe and we just had to pay another $38.50 . QANTAS gave us the 1.35pm flight .

So we roamed around , chat for some time and slept till 1pm . When we went to the gate , we were told that the 1.35pm plane is cancelled !! OMG . I reached Sydney Airport at around 8am , passed the customs around 8.30 am and waited till 1pm . And they told me the flight was cancelled , they put us on 3.40pm's flight . They also placed us on the standby list for the 2pm and 2.25pm flights . CY was worried about our luggages and we have important stuff inside . So we decided to just take the 3.40pm flight with the condition that our luggages arrive with us in Canberra at 4.25pm . The flight assistants agreed and gave us our new boarding passes .

So yes of course I arrived at 4.25pm . So did Jimmy's luggage .... but not me and CY's !!!! I had to approach the baggage service counter and lodge a report for my luggage and CY's !!! Nothing seemed to go well on Saturday and Monday . Sigh .

QANTAS staff told me that they don't know where our bags are and there were no messages received on late baggage arrival . So they will need time to hunt for it and deliver to our hostel . Sigh ... I waited till 7 pm and gave up . Then around 9.30pm , QANTAS called to deliver my luggage and I was glad at last to see my stuff . Haha .

Sigh . Not a very smooth trip back to Canberra ... but nevertheless I am safe and sound . Quite happy with my subjects except for Mathematics for Economists B .

I was already seeing stars with Maths A . Now Maths B !? Sigh ... I just pray and hope I can do well this time with Maths B ...

With regards to Malaysia , I can sense a growing racial tension . Politicians are as usual gearing up for the coming elections with their racially chauvinistic remarks . But do they never think about the citizens ? I believe our country's constitution is designed not only based on the Social Contract . But at the back of this paper and of course the backbone , there were words written with invisible ink .

The words of peace , trust , friendship , harmony , unity .

If politicans and leaders keep making remarks that are religiously disrespectful to others , or ideologically crazy in wanting racial segmentation for political gains , or perhaps you guys are really nuts , then one day in the nearest future , our beloved home called Malaysia will crumble .
Perhaps enough of our leaders . Today is the day I attack BTN once again . BTN officers once attacked my group during our camp . They targetted the Chinese (I'm not being racially biased but merely telling the truth) . They criticized the Chinese for being not patriotic , betray the country's financial systems and stability especially during the crisis in 1997 ... and running off overseas to places like Singapore etc .

Now I believe NST has revealed that 70% of emigration were Malays who left the country since a decade or two ago . Who then is at fault , BTN ? I hope someone in the admin can revamp BTN's courses to promote unity and not separation , segregation and tensions .

These days whenever I open up the newspaper , websites , blogsites , online news portals etc , I see at least one politician making religiously biased statement , I see at least one leader making racially biased remarks , and what I refer to here are not just UMNO , MCA , MIC , DAP , PKR or PAS , but also even from normal working class people .

When are we to realise that we are heading down the path to Hell ? When are we to understand what unity means ? When are we to live together as Malaysians ?

It will only happen if politicians and leaders lead by example . Because their remarks hold a high level of influence on the mindsets and thoughts of Malaysians . Otherwise , I think only time will tell what Malaysia will turn into . A graveyard of people due to racial riots ? Or a utopian society ?

You decide . The people cannot decide . You ... politicians , leaders , Members of Parliament ... will decide our course in the future . Do it not for your sake ... do the right thing ... not just to fulfill your desire of power and wealth or perhaps maintaining your seat ... but do it for your future generation .

For we all loved Malaysia ... and we always say "Berkhidmat Untuk Negara" , don't we ?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

What is happening ?

I drove in and out of my house at least 5 times today . And guess what ? Each time I go out , I see PDRM Waja cars ... I see traffic cops around Ipoh !!

Police cars are patrolling ... some cars stopped ... some police officers doing road blocks elsewhere ...

Then I see traffic cops going around ... some writting summons , some patrolling ...

What is happening in Ipoh ? I have seen a Proton Waja Police car patrolling my housing area twice today ! It has a KL number plate... with the alphabet W something .

What is happening ? Did someone get kidnapped ? DYMM YDA coming ? Crime busting ? Chief Gangster of Malaysia is in Ipoh ? I have never seen so many police out at once in Ipoh in my life .

The date today is 7th July 2007 .

Friday, July 06, 2007

HM - The New Man In Town , Gerakan - The New Enemy ?

I might be a Chinese , but I am not a racist . I support certain PAS personalities too :) We are all Malaysians after all . Do we go overseas and introduce to others , " Hi , I'm (Malay/Chinese/Indian) " ?

No we don't . We are ... Malaysians . Blogger and Kelantan official Sheih (http://www.kickdefella.wordpress.com/) always post pictures of Kelantan , a highly Malay populated area . He also puts up pictures and updates of YB Datuk Husam Musa . It might be naive to make an opinion or statement based on what I read in certain blogs (not only Sheih's) about Datuk Husam .

But I think , Datuk Seri Nik Aziz , you should allow YB Datuk Husam Musa to succeed you in Kelantan . Appoint him as the next Menteri Besar of Kelantan (with the condition that PAS still holds power there) .

As for Gerakan in Penang , they have been running the government well . Is there a need for a highly Chinese populated area to have UMNO running it in the coming manifesto ? I don't think so BN . You might see the voters retaliating towards DAP . Many hardcore UMNO members are making noises for they want power and wealth by running Penang and kicking Gerakan out of the picture . I am saying this not from my own heart ... but from many comments I heard from friends ... who are voters as well .

I have seen certain racists remarks in http://www.beritakmu.net/ also .

There is nothing wrong having a Chinese CM or MB . There is nothing wrong having an Indian CM or MB as well . What more to say a Malay . We are after all ... Malaysians . We know there exists racial composition ... but do we need to be so obvious about it ? When are we going to grow up and live in harmony ? Peace my friends ... peace ... life is just one chance given by God ... cherish it and let us live a full 80 years of life merrily .

I have frequently read statements like "Cina nak apa lagi ... semua dah kaya ... orang Melayu tuan milik Malaya .... kami berhak" ... yeah... and other statements which we all know but decline to acknowledge .

My fellow friends . Would you like me to take pictures of rich Malays whom I envy ? They drive huge Mercedes cars ... latest models ... they change cars so frequent that I think my shirts are always older than their cars . Would you like me to take pictures of poor Chinese and Indians living in wooden houses .... squattered areas .... or perhaps begging ?

But then ... do not raise your blood pressure ... I have criticized Chinese who are racists as well in my previous blog entry ... I wrote an article of Dynasty of Racism . Read it if you have not ... understand it . If you are a racist now , end it this generation itself . Do not let your children be educated or influenced with your tainted thoughts . For we love our country ... Malaysia .

That is why I always say ... when we evaluate things ... do not be racists .... there are two sides of a story . Recently my mom was told to look through some appeals of students who wanted a waive of the PTA fees . There's one Malay girl who lives in a kampung here in Ipoh . Its called Kampung Kepayang . I was the "driver" that day . I noticed that the houses there are rumah kampung type .... and it was a huge kampung ... though it was clear that there are upkeepings and roads are nice to drive through , the flowers decorating the whole area of the kampung . It was peaceful and nice . And my mom recommended to the school to approve the application because we understand they needed it . There was no race factor in considering this issue ... the school would have approved it if it was a Chinese or Indian or orang Iban living there .

There are also a few Chinese who applied . Their story can make you feel sad . There's a young girl whose dad is a dialysis patient . Should we help her ? Yes we should ... and indeed the school will consider the case .

Let me tell you the cost of dialysis . My grandpa goes thru dialysis at a NGO's clinic . But we still had to pay RM 100 each time I think . Dialysis patients have to go through it for life . And it is at least 2-3 times a week . You think it is funny ? It is not . Each time a dialysis patient feels uneasy or not well , they have to seek a doctor's advice . Medical fees , jabs , medicine , consultation fees . It is financially burdening ... my dad used up almost all his money to support my grandpa . That is why dad is always the person I respect most .... a fillial son .

Back to the story of racism . Let me say again , though I wrote it somewhere before in my blog . These are the words from my Malay teacher .... best friends with my family since I was in secondary school . I always visit him whenever I am back . Cikgu once told me ... "you orang cuba fikir ... apalah Malay rights ... apa yang bising ... apa yang kami orang Melayu dapat ... saya langsung tak tahu saya benefit apa ... kecuali konsesi tanah 5% diskaun " .

Seriously ... if there is nothing serious ... why are we seeing so many heroes out there in papers ... in forums ... in General Assemblies .... shouting Hidup this Hidup that ... kami berjuang untuk ini untuk itu ... We fight for our Chambers of Commerce ! ... or perhaps ... Kami akan membela orang orang di ladang dan estet ....

Do I see the logic ? Yes ... simple ... it is just a piece of dirty cloth . But it has a name ... POLITICS . Politics is like the acronym NATO ... no action talk only . They want support ... all for themselves .

How many true politicians do we see ? Perhaps YB Husam Musa who is doing well in Kelantan , YB M. Kulasegaran whom I always see in Parliamentary videos as relaxed , calm and doing well servicing the people of Ipoh Barat , YB Fong Po Kuan whom all folks in Batu Gajah adores and respects , YB Lim Kit Siang for his check and balance efforts on our Government , Tun Dr Mahathir for his past contributions for 22 years , Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting for all his widely liked attitude in helping the poor , the needy with scholarships ...

How many do we see are really samaritans ? Perhaps Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye ... Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar ... and the list might go on ... might not .

This year we celebrate 50 years of independence . Why do we want to go backwards ? Why do we still want to raise the issues of social contract ... racist remarks flying everywhere from UMNO to MCA to MIC ? Why am I seeing Malays , Chinese and Indians not living in harmony ?

I feel disappointed . We have failed you Tunku Abdul Rahman .

Perang Siber 2007

Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said diberi tugasan untuk menjawab segala tuduhan , segala putar belit , segala - galanya yang ditulis di dunia siber . Kalau nak guna perkataan "menjawab" ... tak berapa tepat rasanya . Ku rasa lebih baik ku guna perkataan ... "menangkis dan melawan" .

Suatu ketika dulu , adalah beberapa Menteri yang kata bahawa blog dan laman web kebanyakannya tidak ada kredibilitinya . Namun , kini nampaklah betapa pentingnya kata - kata blog sehingga Ahli Kabinet Kerajaan Malaysia yang berperlembagaan perlu "turun padang" .

Makin lama makin seronok ku hidup dalam dunia siber . Sekarang ada pulak Menteri , yang dilantik oleh Perdana Menteri Malaysia dengan restu rakyat dan DYMM Yang diPertuan Agong , menyertai "karnival blog" .

Bagus - bagus . Tapi saya harap janganlah isu yang tak wujud , diwujudkan . Fakta yang benar , diputarbelitkan . Namun sekiranya Datuk Seri "terputarbelit" fakta , tidak apa . Asalkan ingat betapa pentingnya untuk memaparkan notis dan artikel memohon maaf kerana "tersalah fakta" ataupun tersalah tangkis .

Haha ... selamat "berperang" .

Note : I wonder if one day we will have a Menteri Siber dan Blog with a pay of RM 15,000 .

A Memorial Worth RM1.2million in Kedah

According to the State Tourism Chief , as reported in The Star - Metro (Northern Region) 5th July 2007 , Kedah will be constructing a memorial said to be approx. RM1.2million in Kedah to remember the tragedy that sacrificed the life of 11 people .... the great tsunami .

My fellow bloggers , my fellow friends . Will tourists go all the way to see a memorial in the middle of a village ? Tourism ? And it is worth RM1.2 million ?

I believe many would have preferred the money being channelled to the tsunami victims . What can RM1.2million do ? The answer is many . My dad works in Lafarge , a company that produces tiles . The cost of tiles are not for me to reveal . But dad knows the cost of cement , sand , fine stones etc . So here goes my argument .

RM1.2 million . Assuming the cost price of a low-cost terrace house at cost efficient level is built , it might take approximately RM40-50k max . Lets assume it is RM50k each . RM1.2million can produce 24 houses for the Tsunami victims ... including for the families of those who lost their lives in the tragic nature's act . The money could be used to fund the education of the victims as well .... the families of those who lost their lives could have benefited .

I have nothing against remembering those who lost their lives . But RM1.2million could be used to help the families of the 11 people who lost their lives , the other families who lost their rice bowl due to damaged sampans , boats and homes .

But RM 1.2million as a memorial for the 11 tsunami victims ? And you justify it as good for the tourism industry at that village ? I'm sorry ... perhaps I am too stupid to see the rational , Sir .

Thursday, July 05, 2007

My new Dell Latitude D630 ... amazing ...

Got my notebook on 25th June 2007 from DELL . Superb notebook ... nice design . Looks and feels tough , firm , good quality . Bought a Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz Santa Rosa Platform notebook , 2GB RAM , 120GB HDD , Intel XGMA 3100 Graphics Card , Fingerprint reader .
Basically that's all . Good biz notebook ! Consider it ! With a 9 cell battery , it can last for at 5-7.5 hours .
Seriously . I was stunned to see the 7.5 hours - battery remaining sign . I have included some pictures . But if you want a clearer review and some pictures , try

Apakah masalah Telekom Malaysia ?

I was shocked to see the latest TM bill stating "TM 1515 Yuran Langganan RM24.00"It has been such a long time since I used Streamyx . Why would there be charges for Dial up Internet ?? I was highly confused . I went to Telekom and had an argument with that staff .

According to that Cik , I did not deactivate the dial up . Do I have to do so ? I thought two years ago I told them I wanna upgrade to Streamyx ??? Why didnt the TMNET staff let me know about deactivating my dial up ?? They should inform and enquire whether we want to deactivate or keep it active . Instead , my mom has been blindly paying RM 24.00 for three years already I think .

Paying for no reason and nothing in return . How foolish of us ... or should I blame TM ? Maybe I should . This way , TM makes more money ... many people who rarely take time to look thru bills will be "cheated" in a way . Well well . TM , I hope your Internet Services staff can provide more communicative services . Inform the customers who are applying Streamyx that they still have their Dial Up account active . This way , it will cause less problems ... less arguments ... less dissatisfaction ... less deadweight losses .

Why am I not blogging ?

Well .. I have been busy . Meeting pals , going around with family , and currently my house is doing some painting work . Erm ... yeah since I shifted here , never repainted my home . So we are repainting the whole house after so many years . Bz helping the painters to shift stuff ... furniture , books , racks etc . Bz days in Ipoh ...

My results are just so - so this time for those who wanna know . But then ... life always has ups and downs . Life is like a ball . It all depends how elastic the ball's material is . The more elastic it is , the better it bounces back . And so happen I'm having a challenging and tough first half of the year . I pray and hope that the second half is a lot or at least a bit better . Pray for me ... wish me well... Had a tough time with EMET 2007 and ECON 2125 . Sigh ...hopefully Sem 2 is better ...

Disappointment with MASCA

What can I say ? I have done my part in forwarding the details to Malaysian Students Organization of ANU needed for the invitation of Tun Dr M to ANU . However MSO decided to bring this up to a higher level i.e. MASCA - Malaysian Students Council of Australia (I think) . So far ? No news . Pardon me about this Encik Sufi . But as you said , I can't work alone . I need a team . And at this rate , I don't think much will happen . Anyway , thanks for the info and assistance provided . I wonder what's taking MASCA so long ... sigh ...